Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Rollers are in line contact with the raceways. Cylindrical roller bearings have a high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speed application. The outer and inner rings of all types are separable.

Cage Type Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Some Cylindrical Roller Bearings have no ribs on either the inner or outer ring, so the rings can move axially relative to each other. These can be used as free-end bearings. Ex-NU/N/NN/NNU type.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings, in which either the inner or outer rings has two ribs and the other ring has one, are capable of taking some axial load in one direction. Ex-NJ/NUP/NF/NP type.

Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Full Complement Roller Bearings are for high radial loads. Application which require very high load and very high rigidity & which do not require much speeds compared to those with cage type. Full complement bearings has 3 types i.e.

  • Locating Bearings which can support radial and axial loads in both direction.
  • Non-Locating Bearings which can support only radial load.
  • Semi-Locating Bearings which can support radial as well as limited axial load in one direction by means of a rib.

Part Number:

Cage Types Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

  • NU**
  • NJ**
  • NUP**
  • N**
  • NF**
  • NP**

Product Table

Cage Type Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

  • NN**
  • NNU**

Product Table

Full Complement Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

  • SL1818**/SL1829**/SL1830**/SL1822**(Semi-Locating)
  • SL1923**(Semi-Locating)

Product Table

Full Complement Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

  • SL1850**(Semi-Locating)
  • SL0148**/SL0149**(Locating)
  • SL0248**/SL0249**(Non-Locating)
  • SL04**/SL0450**(Rope Sheaves)

Product Table

Application Examples:

  • Industrial Gearboxes
  • Mechanical Presses
  • Electrical Motors
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Traction Motors and Axle Boxes for Railway Vehicles
  • Steel Mills
  • Etc.